General Counsel


Any time people come together to operate a business, disagreements are bound to occur.  Often these are nothing more serious than the common aches and pains of daily life at a company, but sometimes more serious disputes can emerge.  Whether you have employee challenges, problems with a customer or vendor, or a disagreement with the government, it is critical to quickly assess your situation and the legal framework within which you must resolve the issue.  We can provide advice about your obligations, options, and limitations to help you get back to work without the situation dissolving into an expensive and time-consuming lawsuit where everyone loses.


When it comes time to expand your operations by acquiring another business (or if you have decided you are ready to sell your company and pursue other activities), it is critically important to seek representation to ensure you are getting the best deal possible while also addressing all assets, liabilities (including tax treatment), and employees of the company.  Whether you are just starting the process of finding the right transaction for you or you have an offer on the table and want someone to help you evaluate it, it’s never too early to call us (but eventually, it will be too late).


All good things must come to an end, and often that includes businesses.  If you have decided, for whatever reason, that the sun is setting on your current company, you need to know how to wind up operations effectively.  We can assist with notifying employees, vendors, and customers, as well as resolving open accounts and filing the necessary paperwork to notify government entities that the company has come to an end.